Styled Shoot at the Masonic Temple in Johnstown, PA ~ Higher Focus Studios

April 29, 2019  •  20 Comments

Someone pinch me!  This was a common thought of mine (Krista) throughout this amazing styled shoot!  This was only my 2nd time organizing a Styled Shoot, so to see everything come together, including the amazing vendors that participated, was nothing short of a blessing!  We all quickly realized that The Masonic Temple in Johnstown PA is anything but ordinary.  It may appear "simple" from the outside, but be careful to not judge this book by it's cover :)  Check out this hidden gem in Johnstown, PA!!

Our fun and SO in love models (16 years married & 3 kids), Ryan & Amanda Jeffries, graciously donated their Saturday afternoon to model for our shoot!  Just a little background on wedding Styled Sessions for anyone not familiar with how they work;  Wedding Styled Sessions are made possible by a handful of local, talented wedding industry representatives that donate their time & talents to help orchestrate a beautiful photo shoot highlighting wedding professionals in a certain community.  As a HUGE THANK YOU, Higher Focus Studios provided each vendor & models the hi-resolution images from the shoot to use for advertising purposes!

Little Details by Reese from Johnstown, PA stunned all of us by creating this gorgeous, hand made, silk flower bouquet!  Owner, Jennifer Reese, also provided a boutonnière, all of the inside decor, table settings for a mock guest table, cake table decor AND homemade invites!!  Keep scrolling to see more of her work!  Seriously, this lady is SO talented.  

Karli at The Vault, located in Johnstown, PA, graciously shared her talent with us by creating a beautiful masterpiece with our model brides hair.  Karli was so easy going and a joy to have participate in our event :)

Our theme for this Styled Session was GLAM! Check out the detail on these invites made by Little Details by Reese and this exceptional cake created by Batter Bake Shop of Johnstown, PA.  The Batter Bake Shop can provide all of your bakery needs for your next special event.  We have some amazing talent right here in our local community!!

I could sit and stare at this guest table setup all day!!  The floral centerpiece has my heart :)  Great job Little Details by Reese!  The uplighting that the Masonic Temple has available for events really adds a POP to the banquet room!

Check out this beautiful reflective glow on these floors in the banquet hall!  Rick & Pete at the Masonic Temple work very hard to have the place looking exquisite for your wedding or event!

Sweetheart tables are becoming more popular for a bride & groom table at receptions. These not only add a simple, elegant charm but it also allows the bride & groom to "slip away" for a couple minutes while you enjoy your meal to relax from the busyness of your wedding day.  Little Details by Reese can create a magical space like this for your wedding day (or baby shower, birthday party or any special event)!  Check out the crystals hanging behind the couple.

And just when we thought we had seen it all....Rick & Pete took us on a tour of the 3 floors ABOVE the banquet hall...hold on to your seat folks!  The first meeting room for members was designed after The Grand Lodge in Philadelphia, a beautiful Egyptian theme.

The second meeting room for members is called the York Rite Room and is based after a Norman/Romanesque architectural style.

On our way back down to the banquet hall, from our amazing tour, we noticed this unique room, with Egyptian hieroglyphics border, vintage radio (still in working order) and teal couch!!  It was fate...the room was all set up waiting for a quick portrait!

THANK YOU to everyone involved in this amazing & fun Styled Session showing off this gorgeous hidden gem in Johnstown, PA!
Venue:  Johnstown Masonic Temple
Floral, Decor & Invites:  Little Details by Reese
Hair:  Karli at The Vault
Cake:  Batter Cake Shop
Models:  Ryan & Amanda Jeffries
Photographer: Krista at Higher Focus Studios



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